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Charity booksale on Wednesday

I'm organising a charity booksale! And you're all (University of Edinburgh students or not) invited to come and buy books. We will also have chocolates. :)

When: Wednesday 15 November, 230-415pm.

Where: 2nd floor seminar room, 18 Buccleuch Place.

Why: I initially thought of doing a postgraduate bookswap, then decided that raising money for charity would be far nicer. Given that I'm doing this within the English Literature department, I thought it would be appropriate to donate to a literacy cause, so all money raised will be donated to the National Literacy Trust. Any books left over after the sale will be donated to local charity shops.

How (much): All books are £2 each or six for a tenner. Quite a few books are left over from last year's James Tait Black Memorial Prizes, so there will be plenty of hardcover fiction and biography published in 2005.

By coincidence, the sale is being held during EUSA's Charities' Week, so it's being listed on their website and the money raised will be included in their total.

(Apologies for x-posting)
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