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Residence Question

Hello, everyone! I am starting my MSC in Education in September 2007 and have a question about university accommodation.

As an international postgrad, I know that I am guaranteed housing (and thank heavens for that). However, other than that which I could glean from the sparse details on the accommodation website, I have no idea what I'm getting myself into. This is where you lovely folks come in (I hope).

I currently live in what I'd call an ideal student situation: I'm in a self-catered university residence in a small, 3-person flat. We each have our own bedrooms and share a full kitchen, lounge, and 1.5 washrooms (that is, a total of 2 toilets, 2 washbasins, and 1 shower). My flatmates are both men, which seems to make me far happier than when I was living with women, as much as I have adored my previous female flatmates (just in case it isn't clear from my name, I'm a woman).

Would I be able to find a similar set-up in Edinburgh's accommodation offerings? I know I could go hunting for a non-university flat, but I'm worried that that would severely limit my social opportunities.

To re-cap, this is what I'm looking for (in a perfect world, at least):
- Self-catered flat
- Shared with 1-3 other people, ideally men or at least mixed gender
- Full kitchen facilities shared with no more than 3 other people (I love cooking and, on account of numerous dietary issues, need to actually have space/accessibility to do so on a daily basis)
- En suite, if possible, but sharing is fine as long as there's a low ratio of people-to-toilets

Thank you so much in advance! I'm really exciting about going to Edinburgh, but it being so far from where I am now does make these planning issues a bit more difficult . . .

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