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Edinburgh College of Art

I'm thinking about applying to the Edinburgh College of Art for my Masters in Graphic Design. Being from the US, I don't know much about the school (except what I can find on their website).
Is is considered a good school?
Does anyone know what their Graphic Design program consists of?
Does anyone who attended or is attending the school have any opinions?
Any help would be great!
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Hi there,

A "Google Alert" brought this to my inbox today. My name is Erin, and I am the international marketing officer at Edinburgh College of Art (eca). eca is one of the oldest and most successful independent art colleges in Europe, as well as being one of the largest.

eca has a very strong international reputation in arts instruction, and is considered one of the leading institutions in the United Kingdom. The majority of our staff are practicing artists themselves, many with international class reputations and exhibitions. We have a number of high profile collaborative partners, including (as you are from the US) respected schools like Parsons, RISD, and MICA. Further evidence is included in the number of awards our student regularly win, details of which are outlined under the "news" section on the left hand side of the first page of our website.

Our Master's programmes have changed recently, the Master of Design is no longer offered. eca's new programmes are either a one year Master of Arts (MA) or two year Master of Fine Art (MFA) in all art and design disciplines.

If you contact me directly at I would be pleased to talk with you more about eca and put you in touch with academic staff from the Graphic Design department if you like.

Thanks! I'm definitely going to email them some of my questions. Right now I'm not sure if I should go straight to grad school or work for a couple of years...hard choices!!