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2 mature student/postgrad flatmates wanted for Warrender Park Terrace


We (two almost 3rd - eek! - year PhD students) are seeking two flatmates for a flat in...
Warrender Park Terrace (Map here)
Lease from July 2nd
Rent £300
Other details:

- 3rd floor corner flat
- Largish kitchen/common area with sofa
- Both rooms have double beds
- Rooms are largish (room 1) or huge (room 2)
- Two bathrooms (both with toilets; one with shower)
- Lovely area (close to meadows, view of castle, close to the cafes/shops in Marchmont and Bruntsfield, nice walk through the meadows to George Square, close to fire juggling hippies, etc, etc)

Email almost [at] and gkogkas [at] if you're interested!

(Should add, we have the lease but don't live there yet, but we can arrange a viewing via the current tennents.)

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