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Participants Wanted!! Jogging!


I am l student at Edinburgh University hoping to finish her PhD in the next year. If you are thinking about becoming more active over the beautiful summer months then please think about participating in my study.

If you chose to join in, you will be allocated to one of two groups. One group will request you attend a jogging group once a week. The other group requires you to try going for a jog on your own once a week.

Ideally you'll be a student, or at least free at 12:30pm on a Tuesday OR Thursday for the jogging group with JogScotland which starts at Teviot Place/outside McEwan Hall. I'd like everyone to start from the 23rd of June (which coincidently is my birthday).

You will complete a questionnaire before you start, after 5 weeks and after 10 weeks. After this time I would love to do some interviews to hear your opinions and thoughts!

Even if you go once to the group or out yourself, and hate it, or just can't seem to find the time to continue, I still want to hear from you. Your views are important to me!

So, if you're interested, or have any questions email me at

If you know anyone who might be interested or have friends that would also like to join in, please pass this link onto them!
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