Gillian (maleficent) wrote in edin_postgrads,

Non-fiction writers' group

Stranger Than Fiction is a new monthly writers’ group based in Edinburgh for non-fiction authors.

We are looking for members who are serious about their work (aiming for publication; not necessarily previously published) and serious about improving it. We encourage constructive criticism – the group is friendly and informal but to be useful in today’s difficult publishing world, we want everyone to receive honest feedback. Writers of any genre of non-fiction are welcome.

Our next meeting will be Weds 23rd June 2010, the Meadow Bar at 8pm.

The meeting will be quite relaxed so no need to panic! We’ll be talking about how we see the group working and what everyone can hope to get out of it, so just come along and see if it’s what you’re looking for in a writers’ group.

It would be great for us to know how many people plan to turn up so do let us know. Leave a comment here or email us. You can also ask us for more info if you need it.
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